About Us


Heritage Hall is a family-run business with a love and passion for wonderful food, drink and beautiful items. With a background in export we have travelled the world and we saw that in the UK and globally there is a huge demand from consumers for fantastic British food and drink with a rich heritage, strong provenance  and great back story.


This island we live on - Great Britain - has some of the world's best producers, artisans, artists and designers who work incredibly hard all year-round maintaining their high standards which are so sought after from all corners of the globe. We want to celebrate this and help to make these brands more accessible.  It is our mission to champion and shout about the quality of the products that come from these wonderful producers and tell their stories - who they are and where they come from. 


The stories behind the brands are often inspiring with a focus on sustainability and ethical practices working in harmony with the world around them. You will find out about the farmers, makers and areas they live in as they authentically challenge the status quo with innovations as well as honouring age-old traditions - their passion is infectious.


Sometimes you can not get to the food markets, or you'd like to see what artisans in other parts of the country have to offer?  Heritage Hall is the place to be to browse the best of British food and drink whether you are supporting local or having a look at what you can get from the other side of the country, or indeed world!

These award-winning independent businesses have a unique and special offering that you do not find much of on the high street or supermarkets, so we have curated for you a place you can come and browse a selection of the finest from the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you.


Place the items you wish to purchase in your basket and pay once at the checkout. All you do then is wait for the deliveries of your favourites to arrive.  The orders are fulfilled by each producer independently so you will receive more than one delivery - how exciting is that!? Be patient and considerate that there is a small chance delivery companies are under strain at this time - please contact the seller if you have a problem and they will help to sort it out as quickly as they can, they are lovely people and will do all they can to make you a happy customer.