Cambus O’May Cheese (200g)

Cambus O’May Cheese (200g)

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The cheese is now produced using locally supplied milk from cattle fed on the lush pastures of Aberdeenshire just as it was in the farmhouse. The Creamery is nestled amongst the Cairngorm Mountains in Royal Deeside where the climate is perfect for cheese-making.

Milk: Unpasteurised cow’s milk


Rennet: Traditional

Category: British Cow - hard

Rind: Cloth

Made by: Alex Reid

Country: Product of Scotland

Region: Royal Deeside,


Flavour: A Scottish Institution returns, a unique hand-made cheese, recreated as it was. This hand-pressed, two day curd cheese melts in your mouth and has a finish that has you dreaming of days gone by. A lovely marbled effect can be seen when the cheese is cut. It has strong dairy and rustic mountain flavours and a uniquely creamy texture.